List of speakers

Invited Speakers:

  1. Remigiusz Augusiak: Entangled subspaces and their characterization.
  2. Dariusz Chruściński: Universal Constraint for Relaxation Rates for Quantum Dynamical Semigroup.
  3. Franco Fagnola: Entangled Stationary States of Gaussian Open Quantum Systems.
  4. Markus Grassl: What do we know about the SIC-POVM problem?
  5. Thomas Schulte Herbrueggen- The Role of Markovianity in Quantum Thermodynamics.
  6. Jerzy Juliusz Kijowski: Quanta versus Geometry.
  7. Seung-Hyeok Kye: An unifed approach to various criteria through ampliation arising from quantum information theory.
  8. Marcin Markiewicz: Averaging physical quantities over non-compact symmetry groups: t-designs and duality of averaging.
  9. Mate Matolcsi: MUB-triplets and Hadamard cubes.
  10. Hiroyuki Osaka: Factorization property of positive maps on C*-algebras and its application.
  11. Francisco Javier García Pacheco: Quantum systems via C*-algebras and effect algebras.
  12. Fernando Leon Saavedra: Operators with minimal commutants and the double commutant propety.
  13. Karol Życzkowski: Energy Distance between pure quantum states and Quantum Transport Problem.

Other speakers:

  1. Michał Banacki: Remarks on steering in a C*-algebraic framework.
  2. Anindita Bera: New classes of optimal entanglement witnesses.
  3. Michał Kaczor: Time evolution of entanglement in tetrahedral structure of spins located in Markovian environment.
  4. Piotr Kopszak: On the representation theory of algebra of partially transposed permutation operators.
  5. Ryszard Kostecki: Brègman relative entropy and semigroups of nonlinear maps of (post)quantum states.
  6. Gniewomir Sarbicki: Multipartite generalisation of realignment criterion.
  7. Giovanni Scala: Generalizing Choi map in M 3 beyond circulant scenario.
  8. Anna Szczepanek: Invariant Measures for Quantum Trajectories and Dark Subspaces.


  1. Michał Cholewiak: Construction of general Sic-POVM attempt to prove Zauner conjecture.
  2. Paweł Cieśliński: The fastest generation of multipartite entanglement with natural interactions.
  3. Agnieszka Martes: Quantized Kepler-Coulomb dynamical models on two-dimensional constant curvature space.
  4. Tomasz Młynik: Class of one-parameter k-positive maps in matrix algebras.